Index of Stories

index Characters appearing in multiple stories or storylines now have their own index pages – scroll to the bottom of this list to find them.

Story Title Metro Station Genre Warnings
Javert’s Mercy Victor Hugo 2 Fantasy – historical – authors and characters Suicide
Sempre Camellia Alexandre Dumas 2 Fantasy – historical – authors and characters Menstruation metaphors
Welcome to Mount Parnassus! Montparnasse-Bienvenüe 461213 Humour – Mythology Greek Gods, Maenads
The Girl, the Gold and the Goblins Les Gobelins 7 Fairy tale Blood, feminism
The Garden Door Porte d’Auteuil 10 Portal fantasy Apples
Collaborations Pasteur 612 Fantasy – historical – scientists Typhoid, child death
Saint Denis and the Basil Basilique de Saint Denis 13 Saint story Miracles, dubious theology
Clemençeau in the Underworld Champs-Elysées Clemençeau 1 13 Fantasy – historical – World War 1 Ghosts
The Curious Case of the Queen’s Crater Châtelet 1 4 7 11 14 Fantasy – historical – scientists Physics
The Hair Loom Porte de Bagnolet 3 Portal fantasy Lancelot
The Un-Drowned Princess Château d’Eau 4 Fairy tale Drowned cities, feminism
Most High, Most Potent, and Most Excellent Prince Couronnes 2 Humour – historical Civil war, revolution, human resources
The Right to Mount the Scaffold Bastille 1 5 8 Poetry Capital punishment
Best Served Cold Glacière 6 Fantasy – ghost story – romance Vengeful ghosts, possession
Music of the Spheres Pont de l’Alma C Fantasy – living objects Collective bargaining
The Blind Girl of Castel Cuillè: A Choose-your-own-adventure Poem Jasmin 9 Fairy tale – choose your own adventure – poetry Murder, suicide, general melodrama, 19th century ideas about disability
Between the Seams Porte Maillot 1C Portal fantasy Grim fairy tales
Worth More than Silver Argentine 1 Fairy tale Bad parenting, feminism
The Judgment of (Elaine of) Paris Porte Dorée 8 Portal fantasy Greek Gods
Half Life Pierre et Marie Curie 7 Fantasy – historical – scientists Grief
Alice’s Adventures in Revolution Robespierre 9 Humour – Pastiche French Revolution
Death and the Widow Pére Lachaise 23 Fantasy – dark Death, assassination, ethics
Léon Gambetta and the Battle of the Métro Gambetta 3 3b Fantasy – historical – World War 1 The Sound of Music
The Frog Girl La Muette 9 Fairy tale Love, feminism
Fear Not Bonne Nouvelle 8 9 Saint story Angels, dubious theology
Marionette Porte de Pantin 5 Portal fantasy – Christmas – horror Christmas, child death
Good Council Mairie des Lilas 11 Fantasy – urban – humour Child in peril, untidy gardens
Ella/Cinders Buttes Chaumont 11 Fairy tale Going on quests in unsuitable footwear
The Little Fox Les Sablons 1 Fantasy – Pastiche Chicken death
Home to Roost Mairie d’Issy 12 Fantasy – urban – humour Possible rooster death
The Last Wish Boissière 6 Fairy tale Blood pudding, revolution, feminism
Olifant Mairie de Saint-Ouen 13 Fantasy – urban – humour Unicorn poaching, bad opera jokes
Pantin in Paris Pantin Fantasy – urban Museums, evil puppets
The Lion, the Witch, and the Railway Gare de Lyon 1141414 Fantasy – urban – fairy tale Lions in the metro
Dragon’s Venom Saint-Michel 4 Fantasy – alternate history – scientists Epidemics, child death (historical), rat death
Still Waking Ternes 2 Fantasy – fairy tale – romance – humour Infertility, attempted rape, prince death, feminism
Mortal Clay Falguière 12 Fantasy – historical – sculptors Opera, deals with the devil, bromance
Grave Concerns Mairie de Montrouge 4 Fantasy – urban – humour Ghosts, ballet, ill-advised relationships
The Trowel and the Thistle: Two Lost Tales of Sir Gareth Beaumains Chardon Lagache 10 Fantasy – Arthurian – humour Threat of incest, vegetable cannibalism, fairy tale motifs getting completely out of hand
Madeline Grows Up Madeleine 81214 Poetry – picture book Career advice, feminism, revolution
For Whom the Bells Toll Strasbourg–Saint-Denis 489 Fantasy – fairy tale – romance – saint story The bells! The bells!  Also, treacherous statues, feminism, dubious theology
Occupational Hazard Mairie de Clichy 13 Fantasy – urban – romance World War II, prequel
Introduced Species Jussieu 710 Science fiction – historical – scientists Alien invasions, tragic misunderstandings, scientific inaccuracies.
The Fisherwoman and the Golden Ring Poissonnière 7 Fantasy – fairy tale Fish, princes and their well-intentioned sisters, feminism

The following characters appear in multiple stories, and thus have their own story index pages.