Elaine lives in our Paris, but she is continually being drawn through doors in the Métro into other worlds by her nemesis, who goes by many different names, including Nathair, Drosselmeyer and Ankou.  Her stories are linked to the stations named for the gates in the 19th century defensive wall around Paris built in the early 1840s under the direction of Prime Minister Adolphe Thiers.

Story Title Metro Station Genre Warnings
The Garden Door Porte d’Auteuil 10 Portal fantasy Apples
The Hair Loom Porte de Bagnolet 3 Portal fantasy Lancelot
Between the Seams Porte Maillot 1C Portal fantasy Grim fairy tales
The Judgment of (Elaine of) Paris Porte Dorée 8 Portal fantasy Greek Gods
Marionette Porte de Pantin 5 Portal fantasy – Christmas – horror Christmas, child death


Pierrot Pantin, another recurring character, makes his first appearance in Marionette.  Elaine is also mentioned in the first Pierrot Pantin story, Pantin in Paris, but does not appear in that story.