Saint Denis

Saint Denis is one of the patron saints of France.  The historical Saint Denis, sometimes also called Saint Dionysus, was probably born in Greece, and came to Lutetia sometime around AD 240 to convert the Parisii to Christianity.  He did a bit too well at this, and was eventually beheaded by the Romans sometime around AD 257.  According to the legends, he was unperturbed by this, and promptly picked up his head and walked from Montmartre to what is now Saint-Denis, preaching a sermon as he went.

My Saint Denis is a fairly unassuming sort of saint, who likes feeding people.  This may or may not be historically accurate.  But he was Greece, and he wound up living in proto-Paris, so he must surely have had *some* opinions about food…

Story Title Metro Station Genre Warnings
Saint Denis and the Basil Basilique de Saint Denis 13 Saint story Miracles, dubious theology
For Whom the Bells Toll Strasbourg–Saint-Denis 489 Fantasy – fairy tale – romance – saint story The bells! The bells! Also, treacherous statues, feminism, dubious theology


So far, Saint Denis has stuck to stations which share his name.  He is not as much of a wanderer as Michael.  But a diffident saint who likes feeding people seems like the sort of saint I would get along with quite well, so he’s bound to start showing up in other places sooner or later.