Saint Michael

Michael is an archangel who sees all times as one, and can slip between them to visit different eras in history and sometimes change them.  His actual jobs involve being a patron saint of soldiers, taking care of the souls of the dead, and, of course, fighting the dragon.  He probably should not spend quite so much of his time in Paris (he is a patron saint of several cities, but Paris is not one of them), but he likes it there, and when one has, effectively, infinite time on one’s hands, one can afford to spend it where one chooses.

His stories do not need to be read in any particular order at this stage, so I have simply listed them in order of writing.

Story Title Metro Station Genre Warnings
Dragon’s Venom Saint-Michel 4 Fantasy – alternate history – scientists Epidemics, child death (historical), rat death

Michael is a bit of a busybody, who loves to turn up in other people’s stories.

He first appeared in Javert’s Mercy, and played roles in Best Served Cold and Léon Gambetta and the Battle of the Métro. He also had a very brief, unnamed cameo in the first Elaine story, The Garden Door.