Jane’s footsteps stop at the threshold.

“What is the matter, child?”

Margaret smiles, sadly. “Jane, I am blind, not stupid. You have always been known as a soothsayer. Will you not tell me the truth now? Baptiste is to marry Angela, is he not? I shall never be his bride.”

“Ah, my poor dear.” Jane’s stick clicks against the floorboards. “I should not have deceived you. But I feared that in your despair, you would have done yourself an injury.”

Margaret can’t help laughing a little. “The thought did cross my mind,” you confess. “But I think…

“I need to talk to Baptiste”

“I need to talk to Angela.”

“I knew when he disappeared for a year without a word, and then didn’t even tell me when he came back, that he would never marry me.”

[These responses are all far too rational. Take me back to the angst!]

[Take me back to the start]


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