Margaret’s heart sinks, and she steps away from Baptiste.

“Very well, then,” she tells him. “I understand. I hope you will keep your promise to Angela better than you kept your promise to me.”

She turns away, and begins to stride towards the gate where she left Jane, careless of the uneven ground. She is too disappointed to stumble – how much further could she possibly fall?

Baptiste’s voice behind her is weak “Wait – Margaret! Let me explain–”

But Margaret does not listen. She realises now what she should have known when her brother first told her Baptiste was marrying Angela – a man who walks away for a year, and then does not so much as visit when he returns is not a man who loves you, or plans to wed you.

Jane’s hand is at her elbow before she can trip on the step behind the gate. They walk home together in the early morning.

Tell me how you are feeling right now.

I am furious. Baptiste will regret this day.

My heart is broken. I cannot go on.

I’m over this whole business. Baptiste can marry whomever he likes.

[Maybe I was too hasty. Take me back!]

[Take me back to the start]


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