Margaret does not speak on the way home. She does not cry, either. She is done with tears. Done with being the tragic heroine, the abandoned lover. The poor, pretty blind girl who everyone pities.

Her father died in the war, but she still has his dagger, put away in a drawer with the keepsakes that belonged to her mother. It is still sharp enough for her purposes.

She lets Jane make her a soothing infusion of lavender and chamomile and put her to bed.

Margaret is not soothed. She is not hysterical, either. She is quite calm.

She knows exactly what she is going to do.

Yes, but is this really a good idea?

Yes, absolutely. Baptiste deserves to die.

Well, perhaps not. It would be nice for Baptiste to suffer, but he’s not worth ruining my life over.

[He has broken my heart, but I still love him. Take me back!]

[Take me back to the start]


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