Margaret is on the point of turning away, heartbroken, when Baptiste laughs, a sound full of joy and relief.

His arms come around her again in a tender embrace. “Oh Margaret. I thought I had lost you forever. I can’t believe you are here, that you came for me. Yes, I love you and I will marry you, with my father’s blessing or without it.”

His lips are soft on hers, and Margaret gasps with delight at the sweetness of his kiss.

A throat is cleared behind them, and Baptiste draws back, his arm still protectively around Margaret’s waist.

“Mistress Jane,” he says, politely. Margaret can hear the wariness in his voice, and stifles a grin.

“I’m glad you two lovebirds have worked that out.” Jane’s voice is dry, but there is affection in it. Margaret smiles at her, but Jane isn’t done.

“But there is a third party in this story. What are you going to do about Angela?”

Yes, someone had better talk to Angela, don’t you think?

[Oh come on, one kiss and everything is fine? He’s obviously faking. Take me back!]

[Take me back to the start]


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