They go to see Angela together, and as soon as she sees them hand in hand, it is over.

“I’m so sorry, Margaret.” she sobs. “I couldn’t bear to tell you. I know you love Baptiste, but I really need to be married. My father is dying, and when he is gone, I will have nothing.”

Margaret blinks. She turns to Baptiste. “Did you know this?” she asks.

There is an uncomfortable silence, broken only by Angela’s sniffles.

“I did not know that she would have nothing,” he says, cautiously.

Jane has a point about Baptiste’s character. Are you sure you want to marry this man?

He is the only man I can ever love, and I will hear no word against him!

I have to say, I’m beginning to have my doubts…

[This is not very romantic. Take me back!]

[Take me back to the start]


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