“But you knew that she was desperate,” Margaret says.

Baptiste does not answer, and this is an answer in itself.

Something shatters inside Margaret. She turns towards her friend. “I’m sorry, Angela,” she says. “Sorry for your situation, and sorry that this is the best you can do. I wish you well.”

She turns, and picks her way slowly to the gate. Baptiste is beside her at once, clasping her elbow. “Margaret, please! Don’t leave like this! I love you! We will be together somehow, I promise!”

“You promised to wed me, a year ago, and you reneged. You promised to wed Angela a week ago, and now you renege on that. I have had enough of your promises, Baptiste. I release you from all vows to me. I hope that you will be a more faithful husband than you were a lover.”

And she walks away.

Light footsteps run after her – Angela, the bride-to-be, smelling of orange blossoms. She lays a hand on Margaret’s arm.

“Margaret, I truly am sorry,” she says.

Margaret nods. Forgiveness does not come easily, but Angela was a good friend once, and Margaret understands what it is to feel trapped by circumstance. And Baptiste, she is beginning to realise, never deserved her loyalty.

Angela starts to pull back, but Margaret covers her hand with her own.

She can afford to be generous.

“Wait,” she says.

Does Angela wait?



[Baptiste deserves another chance. Take me back!]

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