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Jardin Royal des Plantes Médicinales, Paris Wednesday, April 1, 1723 The plant was in the wrong place, and it bothered him. Bernard was inclined to suspect his brother of a practical joke. Plants do not spring from the air, after all, and this plant had definitely not been here the… Read more »


The archangel Michael does not look much like his statues.  Not the one in the Fontaine Saint Michel, certainly, though Michael has always liked the different colours of marble, despite what people say.  Not the gilded one on the spire of Mont Saint Michel, either, with the dragon that is… Read more »

Buttes Chaumont

Prince Charming was kidnapped on a Tuesday. Cinderella was sitting in the solar with her step-sisters, sewing the final beads onto her wedding dress, when the messenger burst in, red-faced and breathless. He fell to the floor at her feet, in a posture of desperation. “The Prince has been taken!”… Read more »

Bonne Nouvelle

   Mary’s mother has taught her to be wary of angels. “Fear not,” Anne says.  Her Aramaic is slow, and strangely accented, but she has told this story so often that it comes without pause or hesitation. “He told me that, when I first saw him.  ‘Fear not, for you… Read more »